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Paddleboard on water dam in Zilina

Stand Up Paddle boarding

SUP is currently fastest growing water sport. It resembles surfing where rider stand on top of the board, but in order to move forward rider has to paddle. Paddleboarding offers broad range of utilization. You can just paddle casually and relax on flat water, or exercise yoga, experience adrenaline on white water, or go exploring new spots which you wouldn’t be able otherwise access… Thanks to it’s simplicity and wide range of activities SUP is getting more and more popular around the world.

supreme team

Experienced instructors, rental, lessons, teambuildings, adventures and adrenaline!

We try to attend all Slovak and also some foreign contests. Our riders regularly occupy first places at the contests. If paddleboarding was professional sport, we would take part. Don’t hesitate and join us! We can provide you with all you need.

Our main focus are wild rivers. We feel comfortable with riding big waves and rapids. We have conquered multiple Slovak rivers, but we also tend to try out currents in Alps and Balkans.

Chicken SUPreme was part of establishment of Slovak SUP federation in 2018. We try to bring new stuff from paddleboard world as much as possible. Be one of us.

You can find us at eXtreme Park located next to Vodné dielo in Žilina. This water dam offers ideal conditions to try SUP for first time, but it also provides enough space to professionals to practice.

In case of bad weather for paddleboarding we change boards for different ones.  Snowboards in the winter and longboard, wakeboard, or surf in the summer.

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  • A example of Slovaks, who collect garbage in the nature.

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  • Professionally organized teambuilding. Guidance, work on paddle technique, competitions. We will be back for sure.

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board options

You can try different types of paddleboards with us. We have boards for beginners, for lighter weight and also higher weight riders, stable ones, but also race style models for professionals.  But importantly, paddleboards are already inflated and ready to take for you 7 days a week! Just bring yourself, rent a board and of you paddle. We can pack the board with all accessories to backpack on your request.


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